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our 2022 event programme

EVENT DATE PLACE hw links (drafty) DAY
blessing of the waters 29 May Colne   on FB sunday
Rowhedge Regatta 18 Jun Colne   on FB saturday
Swale Match 25 Jun Kent - Swale   website saturday
Wivenhoe Regatta 2 July Colne   on FB saturday
sail and picnic ? Colne     ?
Heybridge Basin regatta 16 Jul Heybridge   on FB saturday
B'sea Regatta 16-17 Jul B'sea   on FB sat and sun
OGA East Coast Race (for info only) 23 Jul Marconi SC   website saturday
Excelsior's centenary race 31 Jul Lowestoft   on FB sunday?
Whitstable Harbour Day Aug 13? Whitstable   - saturday
Blackwater match 6 Aug B'sea   cannon saturday
Pyefleet Week (for info) 14-19 Aug B'sea   website sat - fri
Mersea Week (for info) 15-20 Aug W. Mersea   website  
W.Mersea Town Regatta 13 Aug W. Mersea   website saturday
Colne Match 3 Sep B'sea   saturday
Oyster Dredging Match 4 Sep W. Mersea (no Stephen)   website sunday
Maldon Town Regatta 24 Sep Blackwater   facebook page saturday
Tollesbury Smack & Classics tba Tollesbury      
Pin Mill tba Pin Mill      
Turkey Trot 12 November Dabchicks   hot hats needed saturday


We need to talk about logistics for Lowestoft

there are two clashes - luckily the Sonata event doesn't clash at all!. However the OGA event clashes with the Mirror Nationals and we will be away for that. probably a god thing - the OGA is all the way up at marconi's, always has no wind and few smacks have done it lately. So we won't do that - and anyway the next weekend is Lowestoft so it was all a bit crowded in the calendar around then.

The second clash is that having persuaded the Mirror class and BSC to hold their Eastern Areas at BSC, it now clashes with the dredging. I'm honour bound to do that event with little Elodie. That really only affects Stephen so the proposal is that the dredging goes ahead with everyone else. OK?

Pin Mill is always announced late - and then changed!

Whitstable's date is wandering around a bit but current date is on the Saturday immediately before Pyefleet Week, so we won't do that as it stands.

Don't think we can do Heybridge and B'sea regatta - so we'll stay home for whatever B'sea regatta brings - there was talk of a race involving the creek (!).

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Saturday, January 8, 2022 10:15 AM